How to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat fast and for good?


The question many people, especially women ask themselves.
For years we have been told that the many repetitions of sit ups are the answer to the how to lose belly fat question. It caused many dissapointment to people following this one advice to lose belly fat.



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Fortunately, now we know much more about how human body works. We know that how to lose belly fat question has many answers, that used in conjunction, give the best results and fast.

How to lose belly fat? First you need to have a good why.

There is many reasons for the abdominal obesity, starting with pregnancy, going through wrong nutritional advice for years and ending with the modern western diet full of chemical additives and plentiful sugar and carbohydrates content.

The important thing is that belly fat is not only making us look fat. It is also a risk factor in many chronic and deadly diseases. The most dangerous is the fat around our internal organs in the belly cavity. It is called a visceral fat. On the other hand the under skin fat which is not that dangerous, makes us look unatractive. This, for some people may be a great concern. Leading to less confidence and other psychological concerns.

Image showing a yellow post it note saying - Ditch those sit ups and crunches How to lose belly fat with exercising?

Doing the sit ups and crunches won’t cut it. Addressing only this group of muscles may even make your belly larger.  It is a well known fact now, that you can’t spot training just one group of muscles and lose the fat in that spot. So exercise wise you should focus on working out the whole body. Strengthening your body with weight training, yoga or high intensity interval training. This will help you lose fat everywhere on your body, also your belly fat, by aiding your metabolism.

To find the nice, toned abs  under the fat, you should incorporate some abs exercises as well, the more different exercises the better. Go for plank and crunch modification as well as the whole array of twisted exercises to target that obliques and make your waist small.

While the exercising is definitely a great idea and will boost your health, if you are wondering how to lose belly fat, the answer is the eating is even more important than exercising. It is about the 20% exercising and 80% your eating habits that determine how and if you will lose belly fat.

It is worth to remember, that starting out exercising if you weren’t doing it before may surprise you with the hunger you will feel after the workout session. Some people even gain weight at the beginning with all the food they consume after the workout. It is even more noticeable if your diet isn’t right. This is not how to lose belly fat.

When it comes to losing belly fat it is most about food.

Image showing processed food like hamburger, sweets and soda with yellow post it note saying ditch chemically processed stuff!If you eat a lot of processed food, which is dense in calories but is lacking nutritional value, your body is in a constant state of hunger for nutrients. If after workout you fill up on those guilty snaks as well (well you worked hard for it, didn’t you?) you will find it hard to feel satiated. This means you will overeat. But you still won’t feel really satiated. You may then feel guilty and unhappy, which also won’t help.

It is not the matter of your will power. It’s just how your body works. It needs nutrients, fiber and water to feel satiated. If your diet consist of mainly low fat, processed food like ‘fruit’ taste yoghurts, low fat sweets, low fat baked goods, cereals with low fat milk, it doesn’t get satiated and you may have the constant feeling of depriving yourself but not seeing the results.

This kind of food is also laden with sugar and messes up your sugar blood and then insulin levels. The constantly raised insulin means your body will store every bit of carbohydrate you eat in your fat cells as it is a building kind of hormone, responsible for storing our energy as fat. No matter how small portions you eat and how good you are at fat avoidance.

Studies confirm that low carb diets lead to visceral fat loss - that is the belly fat around internal organs.

Even if your diet isn’t low fat but it is mainly highly processed food full of trans fats - the artificial stuff (you know, all those packed things you buy instead of doing yourself at home), not recognized by your body really, you may still be overeating as your food lacks nutrients. What is more, the consumption of trans fats makes the body to store fat around your organs causing the visceral fat in your body (even if the calorie intake is low). The most dangerous fat - the cause of many chronic disease and premature death.

How to lose belly fat? - You need to eat right

Eat real food. The food that supports your health and your weight loss.

  • Base your diet on the vegetables and add quality sources of protein and fat.Photos of natural, healthy food with a note - Eat real food, go for quality
  • Eat fruit as your dessert.
  • Cut (a lot) on flour and grains. For sure you eat too much of those.
  • Eliminate chemically processed food and artificial additives.
  • Cook from scratch. It is not as difficult as it sounds, go for the kiss rule - keep it simple sweetheart.
  • Take a good care of your gut.
  • Don’t let the sugar to drive your life.
  • And stay hydrated

And if you’re thinking now - well yes it sounds about right, but how the hell am I going to do it?

Stay tuned, I will have plenty of useful and easy advice for you, so please stay in touch.



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Stay healthy and happy!